About TIT College

The TIT College is a premier Institution situated in the city of Bhopal is headed by a group of Technocrats committed to provide quality professional education. It was established under " Pawan Tanay Shiksha Samiti".

Pawan Tanay Shiksha Samiti aims to prepare a knowledge workforce comparable to the best in the world through instruction in the cutting edge technology. It is a place where we celebrate youth and excellence and attempt to transform young persons into adults with a sense of social responsibility, human values and concern for environment. We strive to train the students to make them excellent scientists, technologists, thinkers and leaders of the society and also help them mould themselves into better human beings.

Group Director's message

Dr. C.L. Saxena

TIT Group was initiated with the guiding principle that a sound technical expertise coupled with right management acumen, is the key to survival in a contemporary competitive environment. Our endeavour is to provide professional knowledge and expertise along with opportunities of grooming and orienting young professionals for igniting their latest spark of creativity and inculcating humanized values of life. Over the years, TIT Group has evolved to hold a unique position of pride in the technical educational system in India. It is well known for providing quality technological and scientific education and an environment conducive to new and path-breaking research and development in frontier areas of engineering, science and technology. The pursuit of technological excellence in a highly competitive environment is the benchmark of the TIT Group. The institute is known for its innovative approach, participative culture and academic rigour. Students of TIT Group have carved out a niche for themselves as assets to the organization. This fact is reinforced by enthusiastic response from the corporate world in the form of placements. Needless to say that our students have been exhibiting leadership qualities and passion to serve the society as responsible technocrats of the corporate world. I look forward for welcoming you to join us and contribute to our journey towards finding new roles in rapidly changing global environment. With good wishes for a meaningful start and a successful academic year.